Alina Amer

Born in Odessa , Ukraine

Lives & works in Berlin ,Germany

Born in 1988 inUkraine, I graduated in 2012 from faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning  in Damascus University ,during my study I was concerned with the analytical and conceptual aspects of architecture and tended to apply social theories on urban and architectural spaces weather through designing, or renovating old spaces into spaces with different functions.

In 2013  due to the war  I moved to Beirut , and started to explore art through several mediums as an alternative way of expression,  my practice as an artist involved a variety of mediums such as mixed media paintings, studies for installations and  video art, after being involved in theatre I begun to use performance as a tool to express the concepts I have been working on .

Structures that lack logical functioning preoccupy my work in mixed media and water as an infected substance is a main subject of my work. Also my research focuses on the sewers and sewage system, the hidden underground structure of the city, the system that is filled with all the remains of our everyday life . questioning our disillusions towards dirt and rituals of cleansing weather individually or socially interest me .





2007 - 2012 University of Architecture and Urban Planning



2011 -Collaborative exhibition at (Mustafa Ali Gallery) under the title (Caravan) in Damascus .

2014- Studio visit at(392 Rmeil 393) Gallery and project spaces in Beirut

2014 - Collaborative exhibiton in (Galery Tashkeel) Dubai after being shortlisted for the Van Cleef and Arpels price under the title ( Turning Point )..

2015-JABAl (Jeunes Artistes des Beaux-Arts ) collaborative exhibition Beirut.

2015-Collaborative exhibition (Gallery HOLGER JHON) Dresden under the title (Over Shadowed)Germany .

2015 -Vennise bianalle , part of imago mundi collection .